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Our team members come from a variety of backgrounds, including law enforcement, legal, victim advocacy, and investigative genetic genealogy. We all have one thing in common: a passion for helping others. By combining our knowledge and backgrounds, working collaboratively through the entire life-cycle of the case, from submission to conclusion, our team will work with the agencies one-on-one. We will work together through the justice systems professional standards set by our federal and state governments and advocacy for the victims and families throughout the process as well. Through the power of collaboration, our goal is not just to help agencies solve a case, but to offer answers to the families of victims while upholding the standards of our judicial system.

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Managing Director of Innovative Forensic DNA


Investigative Genetic Genealogist 

Jennifer Moore comes to the team with genetic genealogy experience dating back to 2014 and more than ten years of traditional genealogy. She has solved hundreds of unknown parentage searches since her start in genetic genealogy. Jennifer is experienced in using DNA profiles from crime scenes and unidentified remains along with investigative genetic genealogy techniques, which have produced successful leads. She is also a Licensed Private Investigator in the state of Virginia. Jennifer has worked for several years as a legal assistant with Link Law Firm, which specialized in criminal cases. Most recently, Jennifer was a genetic genealogy team member at Parabon, providing actionable information that led to subject identification and case closures. These experiences have driven her to use her skills to continue to assist law enforcement and families of victims to gain hope for answers from some of the most devastating times of their lives, in making sure the right persons are held accountable for their actions.


Managing Director of Innovative Forensic DNA


Investigative Genetic Genealogist 

Christa Stalcup was an early adopter in the field of genetic genealogy. Testing in 2011 in the hopes of solving her unknown father mystery, she has spent nearly a decade learning, mentoring, and being an active leading member in the genetic genealogy community solving unknown parentage and misattributed paternity cases. As a recognized expert in this emerging field, not only has Christa worked with individuals to fill in the missing branches of their family tree, she has consulted with and trained others in techniques and methodologies of genetic genealogy.




Managing Director of Innovative Forensic DNA


Investigative Genetic Genealogist 

Andrea Noyes joins Innovative Forensic DNA from her previous position as an Investigative Genetic Genealogist at Parabon NanoLabs.  Andrea has assisted law enforcement with multiple cold cases that have led to successful case closure and/or suspect arrests. Andrea was a 2019 recipient of the Portland Police Bureau achievement medal.  Andrea has over eight years of successful unknown parentage search experience, using both genetic genealogy and traditional research methods. Prior to her employment as a genetic genealogist, Andrea was employed by the Department of the Navy, Department of Defense, and the Department of Energy. Andrea has degrees in Law Enforcement Technology and Public Administration, and recently completed Stanford University’s professional certificate in Genetics and Genomics.




Director of Client & Media Relations

Ashley Link, Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney in the State of Virginia, has been licensed to practice law in the State of Virginia since 2016 and in North Carolina since 2018. While attending Regent University School of Law, she interned in the local Commonwealth's Attorney office and upon graduation practiced criminal defense until she took her current position as an assistant prosecutor. Ashley graduated in December 2015 with her Juris Doctor degree and a master's degree in government. She hopes to bring her skills and knowledge from her combined background to the team to continue helping victims, families, and law enforcement receive closure.

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Law Enforcement Liaison

Jen Spears is an experienced homicide/cold case detective in the state of Florida. She has been a deputy since 1999, the majority of that time spent in criminal investigations serving in a variety of assignments. She has collaborated with numerous agencies around the nation through her casework and has received several accolades for her accomplishments in cold case investigations. Jen also serves on several boards and advisory commissions pertaining to cold cases and homicides. She recently resolved a 1984 cold case using genetic geneaology and has a passion for helping other detectives using the same process.  




Client Relations

Keith Prince, Sheriff of the City of Emporia, Virginia, has been in law enforcement since 1998, bringing over twenty-two years of experience with him working with the Emporia Police Department before becoming a sheriff in 2018. Having criminal cases adopted on the federal and state level has built a variety of long-lasting relationships to help make the city of Emporia a safer place. In 2010, he received the Public Service Award from the United States Attorney General for his role in a case that eventually led to the arrest for two unsolved homicides in Florida and twenty arrests total. Working as a General Instructor and a Field Training Officer throughout his career, he was able to pass along his skills to others and still is not hesitant to assist in any way today through his role as sheriff and working with the community. Keith has joined the team to continue helping others because he knows how important it is for victims and families to have closure.




Client & Media Relations

Family & Victim Advocate

Katherine, a Licensed Professional Counselor, brings over fifteen years of experience in human services, advocacy, and public speaking. After working at Jackson-Field Behavioral Health Services for over a decade assisting children who have experienced trauma, she completed her professional counseling degree in 2014 and has since been able to help the community where she resides at large. Katherine is currently the Director of the Family Violence Sexual Assault Unit, Child Advocacy Center in Greensville County. She works with children and adolescents who have been victims of a variety of crimes and maintains close relationships with law enforcement in ensuring the best services are provided, and the victim's voices are adequately heard through the justice system. Katherine hopes to use her skills as part of the team to help victims and families understand the process and advocate for them in any way possible through the justice system.




Administrative Coordinator

Rebecca Walton comes to the team with fifteen plus years of office management, ten-plus years of traditional genealogy and five-plus years of genetic genealogy experience. She grew up with stories from her grandparents regarding her Native American heritage, which she sought out to prove through genetic genealogy methodologies.  Her personal experience developed skills in problem solving which are invaluable in the genealogical research.





Raquel Reichert, a Licensed Private Investigator in the Commonwealth of Virginia, comes to the team with over twelve years of experience in the legal field from her paralegal profession.   In 2014 Raquel entered the genetic genealogy field in pursuit of identifying her unknown birth father. She is a skilled researcher in both traditional and genetic genealogy methodologies; assisting individuals in identifying unknown parentage.


Assistant Administrative Coordinator

Destiny comes to the team bringing organizational, reliable, and motivated work ethics. She is eager to learn new skills. Coming from a family with ties to law enforcement, Destiny knows the importance of confidentiality and seeks to further her skills in the investigation field.