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Investigative Genetic Genealogy Services

Our team will work personally one-on-one throughout the investigative genetic genealogy process with your agency through Collaboration from the beginning of a case submission through its conclusion. 

Violent Crimes

Our goal is to work with agencies through careful investigation, research, and collaboration that would lead to identifying potential victims or suspects in violent crimes, whether they be active or cold cases, as identified and laid out by the Department of Justice.

Missing Persons &

Living Identification

All across the United States, some families have been affected in a variety of ways where our services may be able to help. While our team thrives in assisting families in finding missing friends and love ones, we understand this may come from various means. Human trafficking is a multi-billion industry that has infiltrated all parts of the United States by targeting multiple victims, including young adults and children. Many of these victims are missing persons or reported runaways as juveniles in which law enforcement and their families have never stopped trying to find them. While statistics are ever-changing, a portion of the homeless population comprised of individuals who have a mental illness, including Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia in the elderly or PTSD among those who served our country. By working with law enforcement and family members of these individuals, our goal is to help reunite families and to bring awareness to some of these sensitive issues.



Unidentified Decedent

Our team is committed to working with partner agencies to give back a name to a John, and Jane Does whose identity cannot be established by law enforcement, medical examiners, military, and other agencies. It is our goal to help families gain closure and support their reunification.